Manuel Lazcano


Diver and photographer Manuel Lazcano has over 34 years of experience photographing and filming the natural world. He has led hundreds of trips and expeditions in Mexico and in different places around the world such as the Mexican Caribbean, Australia, Indonesia, New Guinea, Guadalupe Island, the Dominican Republic, Cocos Island, Malaysia, Thailand, the Bahamas, the Arctic Circle, Africa, Indonesia Palau, Galapagos Islands, Patagonia, Argentina, the North Pole, Palau Micronesia, Yap, The Sea of Cortez and Belize, among others.

2018 – Vamizi Mozambique, Africa

2018 – Atacama… del desierto – Chile

2018 – Masai Mara Kenya. Africa”

2017– Isla del Tesoro – Cocos, Costa Rica

2017 – El Mar Rojo – ISRAEL



Producer and underwater photographer of “Por el planeta” in association with noticieros Televisa

Programs: Ultimo paraiso – PALAU

La expedicion – REVILLAGIGEDO Las venas de la tierra – CENOTES YUCATAN

La selva encantada – AMAZONAS, BRASIL El eco de las sirenas – CRISTAL RIVER, FLORIDA

La patagonia salvaje – ARGENTINA

El señor de guadalupe, el gran tiburón blanco – ISLA GUADALUPE, MEXICO

Los unicornios del mar, CANADIAN ARCTIC


Cuba, Costa Salvaje – Cuba


• Expo 2012 Yeosu, World Fair, Yeosu, Korea.

2012 – 2011

• Series ¨Entre Mares”, Channel 11.


• Apple spokesman for the presentation of the iPad 2.

2008 – 2012

• World tour and subsea production with Gregory Colbert.


• World Festival of Underwater Pictures, Short, 2009, Marseille, France 2009 Special Jury Prize

• Underwater World Tour and underwater production for Ashes & Snow by Photographer Gregory Colbert.


• Jatay Expedition.

First diving expedition in the Sea of Cortez and Guadalupe Island aboard the submarine DeepSee. Traveling at a depth of 400 meters.


• ECO Project implementation for ING.

Prize at the International Mediterranean Underwater Film Festival.


• Budweiser.

Commericials for Television, Underwater producSon of commercials for the advertising campaign.

• 30th InternaVonal Underwater Film Cycle with Photographic Exhibition,

San Sebastian, Spain.

Special Award.

• 2nd Eastern Mediterranean Underwater Photography and Film Festival of Cyprus, Cyprus.

First place, Video Professional.


• Created five capsules for the Discovery Channel Aired in Mexico, Latin America and Spain.

• Marine Odyssey Expositon Bosque de Chapultepec, Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City, Mexico.

• World Festival of Underwater Pictures, Antibes, Francia 55 countries and 300 photographers competed. First Place, Color Photography.

2004 – 2003

• Crocodile Hunter, underwater camaraman for Steve Irwin Producter of Best Picture Show and John Stainton.


• Creation, Production and Direction of TV spots for gray whales in Baja California Sur for Greenpeace.

• Whale Sanctuary Campaign.


• Director of Explóralo.

Internet channel devoted to extreme sports and travel.

• Producer of “Mexican Skydiving Record 2001” filmed in Perris Valley, CA, USA.


• Aquatrix, Producer of thirteen one hour television programs for Antena 3

Programs: Africa, Portugal, Hawaii, Micronesia, Belize, Palau, Cozumel, Baja California, Veracruz Mexico, Bahamas, Dominican Republic and Portugal Azores, White Shark, Durban South Africa, Hawaii, Palau, Yap and Belize


• Named President of the Historical Society of Diving in Mexico by Jean-Michel Cousteau.

• Contributed to Project Scope See with Jean-Michel Cousteau.

• Participated with Televisa in Soap Operas: El Privilegio de Amar, El Diario de Daniela and La Casa en la Playa.

• San Sebastian Film Festival, San Sebastian, Spain. Special Award, “The Sea of my Grandparents”.

• Underwater Film Festival Elba, Italy. First Place Prize. 1998

• Photography and video exhibition at the Lisbon Expo inside the Mexico Pavilion.

• Special guest of Jean-Michel Cousteau at the World Festival of Underwater Pictures in Antibes, France Participated in a short film in Betacam SP format which was included in the top 10



• Logistics and Director of Underwater Photography of spots for Televisa for:

• Cenotes in Yucatan

• Gray Whale in Baja California

• Palancar Reef, Quintana Roo

• Canal de las Estrellas promotional campaign


• Nitrox and Rebreathers Instructor (Technical Diving T.D.I.) Instructor # 949

• Underwater camera (130 meters record) in Baja California Sur’s Pipin Ferreras

• Underwater Production (133 meters record) in Baja California Sur’s Pipin Ferreras

• Rebeca de Alba and Dolphins Television Special


• Contributed Images of the Orca “Keiko“ for Blue (Soap Opera) 100 episodes

• Commercials for PEMEX, Fiesta Americana and Corona

• Editor of fixed underwater photograpy book “Entre Mares“, presentation by Jean-Michel Cousteau. Fifteen hundred copies sold to Telefonos de Mexico and Inbursa


• Still Photography for Jean-Michel Cousteau.

• Director of Photography for Jean-Michel Cousteau´s “Let’s Save Paradise”

Images for the news program “60 Minutes”:

• Dolphin’s rights

• Los Cabos

• King of the Seas

• Upper Gulf of California

• Reefs

• An Ice Sanctuary

• Saving Paradise

• Extraordinary Phenomena of Nature

• Mexico Loves Whales

• Revillagigedo Archipelago


• Capsules for ECO news.Programs.

• Music Videos for: Alejandra Guzman, Emmanuel, Ana Gabriel and Kabah.


•National Underwater Photography Prize. First Place


• Instructor for First Rescue Group of the Mexican Army.


• Instructor for Police Rescue and Traffic Squad (ERUM)